Seasoned technologists and serial entrepreneurs with 60 years combined experience across Cisco, Intel, Nokia, and Synopsys.


Bhanu Ghantasala

Founder & CEO
Green Hats Innovation Labs
Bhanu, a Sloan Fellow, is a seasoned technology executive, entrepreneur and innovator with 20 years’ experience across big-tech and AI-first ventures. As a TED-MED Research Scholar, he curates TED Stage dedicated for breakthrough ideas in healthcare and medicine. He also advises AI Policy Labs, a public policy think tank, enabling AI adoption, innovations and transformations.

Kiran Bulusu

Kiran has over 20yrs of industry expertise in Semiconductors, AI, Design Automation, and Digital Health. He is the founder of Sensory Health systems, a consumer healthcare and lifestyle management company based in US and also held various senior management roles in R&D, Pre-Sales, Product management in companies like Intel, Sigma Designs and Synopsys.

Karan Shah

Co-Founder, VP
Hardware Engineering
Karan is a technology leader with 20 years experience of hardware solutions design and delivery programs worth 300 million $ annual run-rate