It’s almost a year since the onset of COVID-19. Science is establishing long-term implications of the virus. The dynamics of healthcare systems have changed for the near future. Gladly, the vaccines are closer to reality than ever. For most of us though – until we qualify for our shots, we still need to be careful around public spaces, and we’re still worried about our loved ones living far apart. While Netflix knows our movie tastes and Amazon knows our clothing tastes, we still don’t we have a reliable mechanism to “monitor and validate” temperature data! Airports and public spaces still rely on “point in time” temperature checks and self-reported temperature history. The sad truth in the age of data. A public health threat? Yes. Do families still worry about their loved ones living far apart? Of course. We’re building ThermaSure to precisely solve these problems. ThermaSure is a band-aid style wearable water-proof thermometer that continuously measures and records body temperature and uploads to cloud (via Bluetooth). An associated mobile app dashboard will display a visual indicator: Green/Amber/Red based on the most recent 14-28 days temperature. Public health checkpoints (like an international airport) can see the mobile app – and perform Apple Pay style entry scans (NFC). Approved care providers/family members can remotely monitor real-time and historical temperature – by mobile application or Conversational AI. Doctors can evaluate historical data when diagnosing new patients. We’re actively following Bluetooth SIG – and we’re building “contact-tracing” feature into the thermometer. Integrating contact tracing with temperature tracking into such a light-weight band-aid style device will enable tracking quarantines and symptoms during quarantine schedule – all providing real-time visibility to families and data-based reliability to public spaces. “Hey Alexa, Did my grandma catch fever in the last two weeks.”